Encryption Algorithm

What is this?

This is an algorithm which gives you an opportunity to create many possibilities for encrypting.

Why did I do something like that?

Last year I was studying medicine in Turkey and while I was learning I understood that the big data in medical area is amazing. For instance, I coded a perceptron that measure the doubts of people related to cancer. I will give details in other article. Basically, the AI works with simple questions “How do you learn?” and “Where do you learn?” And it tries to find people who learned because a doubt from his/herself. This was not my first project related to topic, big data in medical field. In short, if we use this big data we can prevent lots of diseases before they will happen.

How it works?

You can think a million circles which I call cell. Each cell has own parameter, this could be the information of user or random. User encrypt his/her information with a specific angle within million cells and must choose an angle between 0,00001–359,99991 to encrypt. This makes 3.600.000 possibilities. Right now this is not seem really much but in theory it is possible to make it infinit.

What are the problems?

  1. As I mentioned, I wanted to make a safer method to encrypt. Therefore, if the user forget his/her password no one can change it.
  2. The code needs to be developed because the reason we are using 1 million cells not more than that is processing time. I’m using for loops to create and process for each cell. This takes 1 min 25 sec. Not that much but this method is logical if user can decide a number between 10^-20–360*10^20. With my style ı assume that it takes 5–10 min.
  3. We want to give cloud service but we need servers after that there will be legal issues etc.

In conclusion

I spent 2 months on this project and I will spend more 6 months. This will be a long journey. At the end of April, I hope we will start beta tests on our website (I’m also coding it right now but first I need to decrease use of CPU of code.)



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